Trenchless Pipe Repair Machine

Our founder, Steve Waring, invented and introduced the first continuous air inversion machine THE SHOOTER® in 2000. It redefined the industry to what now is predominately becoming a continuous air inversion and steam cure paradigm.




SecificationsTHE SHOOTER® 12" Model

  • Cost effective and long lasting, trenchless sewer line repair
  • Fits 6”, 8”, 10” and 12” liners
  • Gate valve prevents deflation as tail passes through
  • Separate steam cap included
  • On-board atomizing lubrication system
  • Portable hand truck design
  • Operates in vertical and 45 degree positions
  • On-board tool storage bin
  • Continuous air-inversion technology
  • Extremely durable construction
  • Fast inversion times
  • Proudly made in Redmond, Oregon USA


SecificationsTHE SHOOTER® 24" Model

  • Cost effective and long lasting, trenchless sewer line repair
  • Fits 15”, 18”, 21” and 24” liners
  • Gate valve prevents deflation as tail passes through
  • Trailer mounted for mobility
  • Operates in vertical and 45 degree positions
  • Truly continuous air-inversion
  • Fast inversion times
  • Extremely durable construction
  • Made in the USA


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In the U.S., the market for cured-in-place-pipe (CIPP), trenchless pipe rehabilitation technology is reported to be around $10 billion. Growth of this technology is occurring in many international markets as well as in the U.S. The industry has matured since we first became involved.

Our President, Steve Waring, was on-site in 1977 when the first U.S. installation of this technology was demonstrated in California. In the intervening 35 plus years, he was with the key leader in the making of the No-Dig CIPP industry until the late nineties when he founded Emagineered Solutions®, and 're-Emagineered' the inversion liner technology. This method radically reduced the cost of installation and crew size; increased operating efficiency and productivity; and lowered equipment capital cost.

Emagineered continues to play a fundamental role in modernizing the industry. New products are being developed.

Trenchless pipe repair for main and lateral sewer lines

All underground construction contractors are concerned with keeping their costs down and boosting productivity wherever possible. Emagineered Solutions® understands this and has developed and patented a revolutionary continuous air inversion machine for trenchless repair of underground sewer mains and laterals.

With THE SHOOTER®, contractors can simplify and expedite their installations of cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) relining projects.

THE SHOOTER® is a trenchless repair machine that has been specifically designed to help rehab old sanitary lines to reduce infiltration and exfiltration without excavation. It helps contractors minimize congestion in work areas by simplifying and expediting  their installations of CIPP relining projects, and allows for smaller construction footprints to the environment and surrounding neighborhoods. The extremely mobile machine further enables installation of longer runs of pipe relining, diminishes impact to traffic, and reduces costs to owners.

Cured-in-place pipe relining

With its development of the continuous air inversion machine Emagineered Solutions® is the forefront innovator in the industry: THE SHOOTER® represents a radical improvement over other CIPP installation and repair processes. Many of our customers claim their trenchless pipe repair productivity has increased two to three fold after using THE SHOOTER®. They can be more responsive to their clients—cities, municipalities and public utilities among them—by having THE SHOOTER® on all their CIPP liner projects.

THE SHOOTER® is built to take the abuse of the industry while providing user-friendly features that allow crews to boost performance for their rehab trenchless repairs. THE SHOOTER® has changed the CIPP industry and has become extremely popular in the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia.


Customer Testimonials

“OnSite Challow are pleased to announce, as part of their continued investment in rehabilitation equipment, techniques & products, the arrival of three new “SHOOTERS” – CIPP(Cured In Place Pipe) Inversion Units. These replace two older “SHOOTERS” which have been in use for the last 10 years installing many thousands of kilometers of linings with the first shooter having been introduced to the Wessex Water contract which now gives them more versatility to lining installations.

Onsite have chosen the new “SHOOTER” because of its reliability, it is robust, it is adaptable to the type of curing process we choose and it is capable of continuous air inversion for longer lining installations. The “SHOOTER” is also user friendly and is versatile to the more challenging sites where access is difficult.

The introduction of the new ”SHOOTERS” has proven to be a great success for the installation of linings…and in most cases, the need for entering a confined space to invert the lining. These new investments shall improve how we manage our Health & Safety and also to deliver more efficiently.”
—OnSite Challow

“Moving away from the inherent risks associated with water eversion towers, where possible, aligns with our safety first, ethos. Certainly, the operation and performance of these machines have been very impressive.” 
—Julian Britton, Critical Sewer Manager for Wessex Water

“We are delighted with Onsite’s continued investment for delivery of our sewer rehabilitation program. We look forward to using these units and realising the improved performance towards our core principles of health and safety and customer satisfaction.”
—Lee Forth, Technical Manager for Anglian Water’s (@one Alliance) Sewer Rehabilitation schemes