We're excited to be heading to the Gaylord Resort in Washington, DC for the big NASTT No Dig Show in a couple weeks.  Will you be there too?  With the combination NASTT and ISTT this year's No Dig will have an international flair and is the biggest trenchless event of 2017.  If you haven't yet seen THE SHOOTER in person or if you'd just like to stop by to say hi, we'll be in booth #242.  We'd love to see you!         

Emagineered Solutions will be heading to Minnesota soon for the Hydrovision 2016 Conference and Trade Show where we again will be exhibiting the revolutionary waterstop rehabilitation product called CYLutions™.  Do you own or work at a concrete gravity dam or navigation lock with failing waterstops in the contraction joints?  We have the answer!  With a proven history of successful waterstop rehab, Emagineered Solutions is the preferred company with the best solution to your leaking joints.  We'll have samples of our product and displays showing before after installation photos from past projects clearly showing how good CYLutions™ is at curing your leaks.  Stop by and see us!  Booth #933

What a busy month we've had here at Emagineered Solutions with a furious run of multiple purchases of the new Shooter with lubricating hand truck and knife gate.  THE SHOOTER has been flying out of here two at a time in many cases with one company even buying four in less than a year they like it so much.  One of the quotes I heard from a contractor who did his research by checking with current users of the new Shooter for their opinion, said he was told that once they bought the new Shooter from Emagineered, the very popular inversion machine they'd been using before has been "just collecting dust."  That's the kind of testimony that makes us proud of our product, which we make right here in Redmond, Oregon.  We're a small company that takes care in the design and craftsmanship so when we get a sudden rush of Shooter sales that wipes out our inventory, it takes a month or so to build it back up again.  We're in that process now, so if you're interested in the best inversion machine out there, give us a call, we can get you formal pricing, but it will be a few more weeks before we'll have any units to ship.  That's not a bad problem to have.  Thank you for your business and for the great testimonies about how well THE SHOOTER puts liner in the ground and keeps your business competitive!

Thank you for visiting our booth at the beautiful Gaylord Texan Resort, site of the NASTT No Dig 2016.  We appreciate all of the interest in THE SHOOTER and for all the old friends who've been in this industry for so long stopping by to say hi.  Renewing friendships is one of the bonuses of industry trade shows like this one.  Again, we thank you.

THE SHOOTER always attracts attention, even from those just passing by and who don't have much experience in the relining business.  "I'm not sure what it does, but I just like the looks of it," I've heard repeatedly at various shows.  And yes, it's a good looking machine but that's not what actually sells the contractor needing a solid machine for his trenchless work.  It has to have form and function.  And that's precisely what THE SHOOTER does; it simply and efficiently puts pipe liner in the ground.  It's a simple machine without a lot of moving parts prone to failure and replacement.  It's solidly built for years of hard commercial use.  It's now more ruggedly mobile and has user friendly functions like onboard automatic lubrication and a knife gate to prevent air loss at the halfway point of the install.  It's well thought out.  These are observations from both the passer by and the seasoned SHOOTER user.

If you have a need for the best machine for sewer rehabilitation with two models to choose from for pipe 6" to 24", give us a call today.  We'd love to talk with you about how THE SHOOTER can help your trenchless contracting business be more efficient and more profitable.

The NASTT annual No Dig Show is upon us and we are excited to be heading to Dallas and the beautiful Gaylord Texan!  Emagineered Solutions will again be exhibiting THE SHOOTER 12 with built-in lubrication system, knife gate, and ruggedly mobile hand truck that really is the best machine of its kind.  Come see us at Booth #220 and ask about our special Show Price.  Steve Waring, our founder and CEO will be there as well, bringing his many years of experience in the relining business.  Steve was president of NASSCO back in 1991 and invented the first continuous air-inversion machine for cured in place pipe, THE SHOOTER!  Stop by the booth.  We'd love to meet you!

Wow, what a great show in Indy!  Thank you everyone for stopping by the booth!  It was great to catch up with friends and to meet so many we've only had prior phone and email conversations with, as well as to introduce THE SHOOTER to newly interested contractors, many of whom came specifically to stop by our booth for a firsthand look, including from England, South Africa, Australia, Italy, and Columbia.  And thank you for all the testimonials from SHOOTER contractors who repeatedly said THE SHOOTER is the best inversion machine on the market, and that from guys who have used both our machine and various ones from the competition.  Your referrals mean so much to us!  There's really nothing better than word of mouth advertising.  Thank you!    A common observation from many walking around the show is that our machine is simple, not complicated like some others, and built like it's made to last.  That it is.  We have contractors staying busy with THE SHOOTER for sewer rehabilitation using machines that are over fifteen years old and still going strong.  We definitely take pride in our workmanship and the fact that we're a small and local, made in America company. Again, our thanks to you.  What a great show!

The UCT Show in Atlanta was great, especially the first day when we had many visitors to the booth excited about THE SHOOTER.  We especially want to thank Team IPR who repeatedly came by both days with happy testimonials after the last five months using their two new SHOOTERS.  Reliable, no hassle, continuous lining is our trademark and that has been their experience.  Smiles all around.  Thank you IPR!  It was also great to meet the other contractors using THE SHOOTER and plenty of new folks who hope to purchase one in the near future.  We'll be heading off to Indianapolis next week for the WWETT Show (formerly the Pumper Show).  If you didn't get a chance in Atlanta to see THE SHOOTER, or to discuss how Emagineered Solutions can help with your company's CIPP and sewer rehabilitation program, please stop by and see us in Indy, WWETT booth #6304.

We'll be in Atlanta next week for the Underground Construction Technology Show!  Our booth has been changed.  We're now located in Booth #443 near the Food Court and the Rehab Zone.  We'll have a new THE SHOOTER 12" on display in the booth.  Come on by and see what all the excitement's about!

Happy New Year!  We're excited to be heading to Atlanta in just a few weeks for the Underground Construction Technology International Conference and Exhibition.  Emagineered Solutions will have THE SHOOTER® 12 on display along with other materials in Booth #351.  Come on by for a firsthand look at the exciting new design of the favorite SHOOTER®, now with knife gate, onboard lubrication system, and ruggedly mobile hand truck perfect for tight easements and backyards.  Come on by Booth #351.  We'd love to meet you!

For Sale: Wet Out Rollers.  For more photos and information email ray.i@emagineered.com