At Emagineered Solutions Inc., we have a long history in the water
leakage control segment of the hydro industry.

CYLutions™ System represents the first real progress and development in this science since the mid 1980’s, and is a far departure from the traditional and less reliable quasi-solution approaches that have dominated this science.




SealCYLutions Features

  • Flexible—does not restrict movement in the joint
  • Seal is internal—leaves no external cosmetic blemishes
  • Installed from the deck of the dam—DIVING NOT REQUIRED
  • Non-invasive—CYLutions™ is installed through a 6-inch receptor hole
  • Cylinders easily conform to rock pockets, voids and anomalies of the receptor socket
  • Process is quick and affordable with long term results
  • Sawn joints in RCC structures as well as new dam construction

“...I believe this is THE solution for waterstop leaks...”

Stephen B.Tatro, P.E.
Formerly US Army Corps of Engineers

CYLutions Benefits

  • Stops downstream face icing
  • Restores pump capacity
  • Improves workspace and gallery safety
  • Reduces structure loadings
  • No on-site mixing of any chemicals or grouts
  • Extends life of dam
  • Enhances public relations
  • No spillage: environmentally safe
  • Extremely durable and long lasting



The long-term repair for leaking joints in concrete gravity dams, powerhouses & navigation locks

Our fifth-generation, remedial waterstop process repairs monolith joint leaks better than any other product on the market. The installation of our CYLutions™ System for waterstop repair begins from the deck of the dam; it is less complicated and less intrusive. It requires no divers and leaves no visible chemical and environmental blemishes to the dam structure.

Concrete gravity dams have anticipated lifespans that last for decades, so it’s reasonable to expect and to plan for years of maintenance and repairs. One area that is especially prone to failure is cast-in-place copper or PVC waterstops in concrete monolith joints. Even minor shifts between the monolith joints can gradually destroy the integrity of existing waterstops. Surface contamination, poor construction quality and environmental elements can also lead to failures of original waterstops.

Since 1998, Emagineered Solutions® has expertly serviced concrete gravity dams and navigation locks experiencing waterstop leakage. Our CYLutions™ System for waterstop repair represents the optimal solution for dam leakages due to failed cast-in-place monolith joint waterstops.

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