Emagineered Solutions Inc. is a global, innovative, engineering firm with a proven record of successful projects.

At Emagineered Solutions®, we have a long history in the water leakage control segment of the hydro industry. Currently we are focusing our expertise on one element which generally has been ignored by the industry — Monolith Joint Waterstops.  Our founder, Steve Waring, recognized the importance of this need based on direct personal experience starting in the late 1970’s. In 2006, Emagineered Solutions® commercialized the revolutionary and proprietary CYLutions™ System for monolith joint waterstops.

CYLutions™ System represents the first real progress and development in this science since the mid 1980’s, and is a far departure from the traditional and less reliable quasi-solution approaches that have dominated this science. It has proven to work in many dams including those with heads exceeding 300 feet.

There are likely over 1,900 dams in the United States that are reported as high hazard potential dams. Dam safety is the driver for action today.  Deficiencies must be addressed with reliable, cost effective solutions.  If failing waterstops in monolith joints are the problem—Emagineered Solutions® is the solution.



Our next frontier— new dam construction.

CYLutions™ System will revolutionize this need for reliable long term waterstops soon. No other product or technology in the market can match our effective waterstop leakage performance. Dam owners and knowledgeable industry users all over the U.S. are recognizing the CYLutions™ System as THE preferred product of choice.